Shelley Schlueter, Storytelling for Project Management – April 30, 2020


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21:05 – 22:00 Shelley Schlueter – “Storytelling for Project Management”


Shelley Schlueter, Storytelling for Project Management, Nokia

Shelley is the Head of Storytelling at Nokia, focusing on content strategy and evangelizing Nokia’s messages to the market. From helping sales close multimillion-dollar deals to rolling out a storytelling framework and methodology for content production, she has always been committed to close collaboration across teams to drive the business forward and create better ways of working for everyone in her 20+ year career.

With a background in software engineering and IT, Shelley enjoys being involved in the more technical side of things. This has led to an expertise in translating engineer speak to the average person, which she still employs on a regular basis.

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The key to effective audience engagement and communication

This is a seminar on Storytelling for project managers. Engaging your audience, whether it is the team doing the work or management receiving updates from you, is important. That can help you to be much more effective in your role, getting others to listen and understand what you are trying to get across the first time. We will discuss structure, elements and delivery of a good story.

With most of the world on lockdown, everyone is looking to improve their skills to communicate virtually. Being able to create a compelling story to communicate your content is the way to get and keep the attention of your audience. How you structure the story is just as important as the elements and visualization you use to get your points across. Join me to discuss approaches to building a story, elements to include that will keep your audience engaged and tips on how to ensure you have the focus of your participants.




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