PMI of Turkey

“Certified Young Project Manager Candidate Training Program”

Considering that Project Management is a competence used in every profession and discipline, it will be extremely useful for informing university students who are at the last stage of their education life about project management, increasing their competencies, students who will graduate and the institutions that will employ these graduates.

Project management knowledge, skills and prevalence has been chosen as the basic vision PMI (the Project Management Instute®) Turkey will be graduating from college and recently our young people to go into business, certified the Young Project Manager Candidates to improve their project management competence We have developed Training Program.

The purpose of this program is to encourage our young people to obtain the CAPM® Certificate by providing the necessary training and mentoring service to obtain the CAPM® (Certified Associate in Project Management) Certificate, which is internationally valid.

PMP® certification provided by PMI® is the most widely used internationally valid Project Management Certificate. The number of PMP® Certified people in the world is 725,000. In our country, there are around 2500 PMP certified Project Managers. In order to take the PMP® Certificate exam, a person must have both the necessary pre-education and 4,500 hours of work experience. The CAPM® Certificate, which is an entry-level certification program for project practitioners, is a preliminary PMP® Certificate and does not require work experience to take the exam. There are more than 30,000 CAPM® Certified young project manager candidates around the world.

Within the scope of the Certified Young Project Manager Candidates Training Program, PMP® Certified volunteer project management professionals within PMI®, for students who graduated in the last year of our universities that are members of PMI® and PMI Turkey Chapter®, or who graduated in the last 1 year, 23 hours of training will be provided free of charge. The content of the training, which will be given on 4 full days, one or two full days on weekends, will be provided by PMI®. At the end of the training, students who regularly attend 3/4 of the trainings will be given a certificate of attendance prepared by PMI® and this certificate will document the prerequisite training to take the CAPM® exam. Students will be able to apply for the CAPM® exam using this document.

Applications for participation in these trainings are made to

Advantages of CAPM® Certificate and PMI® -TR for Our Students;

  • By learning the basics of Project Management, students will have the chance to integrate project management into different areas of their lives.
  • The CAPM® certificate they will have when they graduate will be a competence certificate that will take them one step further in the industry.
  • The international validity of the CAPM® certificate will provide an advantage in applications made to foreign and multinational companies.
  • As a student member, they will have access to PMI®’s resources on Project Management (articles, research, books, journals, webinars, etc.) with which they will subscribe at very low prices. will be able to learn about activities such as seminars, workshops, and they will have the opportunity to come together with professionals from various sectors by participating in these activities for free.
  • Volunteering by meeting with PMI® TR Chapter will contribute to the development of teamwork, leadership, communication and project management skills.

As part of the mentoring program under PMI® TR Chapter, they will be able to work with the mentors assigned to them from PMI® TR to help them develop their talents and discover more about their potential and what they can do.

Project Management Institute® (PMI®)

Project Management Institute® ( was established in 1968 as a non-profit structure and is the world’s leading professional organization in project, program and portfolio management expertise.

  1. To explain and spread the necessity of professionalism in project management.
  2. To create an environment where problems related to project management, solution suggestions and application areas can be discussed.
  3. To coordinate researches to solve industrial problems.
  4. To create and spread terminology in order to create a common language among people using project management systems.
  5. To support the preparation of introductory and educational guides on project management practices and to encourage career development in project management.

Supported by the private sector and academic circles, PMI® is an institute operating in 195 countries as of 2014, with 283 branches (PMI® Chapter) and 438,000 members.

Aiming to increase organizational success by developing and spreading advanced specialization in project management, PMI®, with its publications and trainings, ensures that the project management discipline becomes more widespread, but the certificates issued by PMI® have become valid all over the world. Today, PMI® has important contributions in making Project Management a profession.