Hayal Senyurt

Hayal Şenyurt was born in Ankara in 1971. After graduating from high school in Çanakkale, Çardak; she graduated from Middle East Technical University (METU), Computer Engineering Department in 1993. Her professional work life had started as a part time researcher in TÜBİTAK during her education in METU, then continued as a software engineer in TÜBİTAK and then Halıcı Software. Afterwards, she began learning and working in project management, and she managed middle-size projects in Halıcı Software. She had the chance to manage large project groups (~100 people) in her next workplaces, namely METEKSAN System and Siemens Business Services. During her work at Siemens, she got certified as PM@Siemens, US-GAAP PM and in 2005, PMI PMP. She worked as a PMO manager in TÜBİTAK İLTAREN, where she was invited to build and operate a PMO there. During that time, she also finished her MBA studies in METU. She has been providing project/program and general management consultancy since 2010.

Besides her 24-years professional work life in IT, education and public-defense sectors, she has been a volunteer in project management for almost 11 years. She had the privilege to participate in the team to establish PMI TR with Ahmet Taşpınar, Emre Özbağcı, Gülay Özkan and Deena Gordon Parla. She is an active member of both İPYD and PMI TR.

She is married; with a 15-years old daughter and 3.5-years old twins. Her hobbies are: reading, listening music, watching movies, riding bicycle, playing flute, cooking and quiz shows.