Mustafa İskifoğlu

Mustafa Iskifoğlu has graduated from the Ege University – Faculty of Communication. He was a chief of Human Resources at Yaşar Holding Painting and Chemistry group ( Dewilux – DYO ), director of Human Resources at General Motors – Opel in Turkey, he was also responsible for 3 factories ( İzmir- Antalya- Isparta) and 6 regional sales managements in the Aegean Region as a Human Resources Manager at the Pepsi Bottling Group.

He was the Director of Human Systems in charge of operations at İzmir facilities at Hugo Boss which has 3.500 employees in 2004 and from the beginning of 2009 he worked as a Director of Human Resources at CMS Rims and Industry and since 2012 he has been working as the Director in charge of Human Resources at MAN Turkey Inc. at the plant Ankara, with its central located in Germany.

At the same time he established the Human Resources Platform in Ankara, also he is a member of the Assembly at the Ankara Chamber of Industry, further a deputy chairman of the Turkish representative of the Metal Industry Union of Turkey and a member of MESS Education Foundation Board of Trustees.

He contributed in many universities, vocational high schools and public enterprises in order to have an exact evaluation of human sources at the right place, for the development and also for being more competitive in Turkey.

Mustafa Iskifoğlu, who is a leader in many local and international projects in the field of Human Resources is married and has two children.