Irada Suleymanova, MBA, PMP



My mission is to help companies to design and manage cross functional projects with focusing on achieving projects` objectives and on impact assessment. Obtained MBA degree and PMP accreditation, I have 14 years’ experience in project management of the development projects, strategic planning, finance, elegant leadership and business development which enables me to provide management consulting service to companies from the different sectors. I helped companies to manage complicated projects aimed to improve the business efficiency through the innovative technologies and to translate companies` vision into reality.

I speak Azeri, Turkish, Russian, English and basic levels of Spanish and Georgian.

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Result Based Management: Logical Framework as a Project`s Roadmap

Projects are always about changes. If at the end of the implemented project we could not see any changes then it is a sign there was no need for a project. And, it should be noted that at times changes are necessary to create an innovative product, to improve people`s lives and etc. In order to get the expected changes it is very important to design project properly at the planning stage.

Usually project managers start writing of a 100 pages project proposal, especially budgeting part, after collecting of the requirements and easily get lost in details and lose sight of the bigger picture. The proper planning can be simply achieved through the Result Based Management approach which is now becoming widely used in many development agencies and NGOs around the world. And, I think there is necessity in including of this tool to all project management courses by learning organizations.

RBM enables project managers to design project where each activities match to project`s objectives. A key tool of RBM is the logical framework, or as it is commonly called, the logframe. A logframe clarifies the project`s objectives and identify links between inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impact. It also supports the forming of the strong framework for project`s monitoring and evaluation.

So, this dynamic  tool should be perceived as the project`s roadmap since it aids to summarize the critical elements of a project in a 4 X 4 matrix form and should be at the top of all project documents.