Coşkun Dolanbay

Co-Founder @ The Institute for Future Research

For almost 25 years, I have been working with companies in the technology, media, telecommunications, retail and manufacturing industries to shape and execute options for growth, performance improvement and innovation.
Today, I am focused on helping our clients to transform their business and operating models to penetrate new markets and address the emergence of new, disruptive technologies. Areas of emphasis include Cognitive Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and augmented reality, helping our clients unlock the business value of the Internet of Things and transforming our clients’ businesses to adopt “as-a-service” models.
I am a true believer of improvement, development and the concept of lifelong learning. I strongly believe in creating an environment where people have opportunities to discover what is possible and take on new challenges that stretch their skills and broaden their horizons. I’ve been working with several NGO’s as a futurist and board member to reflect my beliefs to youth development program’s in the community.
I believe that as a DLB digital professional, my job is to help our clients improve what they do. Working alongside clients that are disrupting, reshaping, and creating growth across all of industry, and helping them in that process—in essence, combining innovation with practical application—is both invigorating and fulfilling. Together, my colleagues and I are making a difference not only with the clients we serve, but in the world, we all live in.