Digital Summit / 29.05.2022 / 09:30 - 19:10 / GMT +03:00


Exploring the Future: New Business Models

“All my attention is in the future, because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.”
– Charles Franklin Kettering

As we focus on the rest of our lives, we see opportunities and try to avoid threats. In fact, the point we should focus on is; Seeing change and being ready for change.

We cannot change the past, we live in the present and do not know the future. But we can develop strategies for our own future and shape it.

So how is this possible?
While living in the moment, we can also determine our needs for the future. We can develop new ideas and new business models by revealing products and services that will meet the needs. This will only be possible with the spirit of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship within us.

Together, we will discover where project management can take place in the future and what new business models will add to the Project Manager’s expertise.

Are you an entrepreneur?
Do you want to carry your company into the future?
Are you going to choose a career?

PMI TR 2022 Digital Summit with the theme of “DISCOVERING THE FUTURE: NEW BUSINESS MODELS” that will guide you on your journey to discover the future is coming soon! Stay tuned to shape and predict our future together!

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